On the subject of Hallowe’en

Dear Janit,

It is with staggering surprise (and no small degree of suspicion) that I witness your newfound, sudden and seemingly insatiable appetite for pumpkin flesh. Cats are, by their very nature, carnivorous beasts requiring high amounts of amino acids and proteins that are significantly (though not entirely I admit) lacking from the squash.

In addition, your insistence that the only morsels worth investigation or consumption are those still contained within the blessed thing itself leaves me ever so slightly concerned that you may be toying with me; gaining some sort of iniquitous pleasure from interfering with my procedures and postponing the carving process. Half done as it is now it shall have to stay ~ unless you can see your way to removing your silly self from within for 5 minutes and allow me to finish what I have started.

On your head be it if the task remains undone and we are left insufficiently protected by our Jack o’lantern from the spooks and specters of Hallowe’en.

Lots of love


JAnit with her head in a pumpkin


  • http://www.alifesanctified.com/ Felecia

    Oh I love this – so great! Perhaps Erica could illustrate Janit with pumpkin seeds for eyes!

  • Susan Swan-Rasberry

    love, love, love Janit & Crispin!

  • Kaye Wilkinson

    Wonderful, as always. Hope you get your pumpkin carved eventually :O)