On the subject of breakfast

Dear Janit

There is no need to dance when I am preparing your breakfast. You are never starving. In fact, to be blunt, I think you might be more than just a little overweight.

If a meal consisting of biscuits that smell of old chicken bones and shoes truly is the highlight of your day, I fear you may be beyond help. Why don’t you sit down and have another think about taking up a hobby?

Love always


  • http://rosannedingli.blogspot.com Rosanne Dingli

    Short, sweet, funny… and absolutely brilliant collages. Very well done. My cat should see this… hey, Pixel! Come and see this.

  • http://suspendedsoul.woordpress.com Diane

    Dear Crispin

    But dancing is the only exercise I get, and you want me to stop? What’s a day without dance?

    Warm regards,

  • http://simplyyourbest.net/Simply_Your_Best/Home.html Renee Dittrich

    Love the letters, and your illustrations are wonderful!

  • http://www.sinktherock.org crispin

    Thanks for the lovely comments ~ I’ll pass them on to Erica who does the illustrations

    Diane – I totally agree that a day without dance would be a dark day indeed ~ if only 10 seconds of dance were not the only exercise she got, we might be some way to returning her to the shape of a cat…