On the subject of packing

Dear Janit,

Obviously you will have noticed the steady influx of cardboard boxes to the flat these past few days. Now, please bear with me over the course of the next short while as I will be packing them with the contents of cupboards and shelves in preparation for the move next week. You are more than welcome to get in the boxes and investigate, but when they are empty only. Once I have begun to fill them with our belongings they become strictly ‘out of bounds’. We do not want to accidentally seal you up in one and neither do we want you messing about with the contents or making a nuisance of yourself by interfering with my procedures.

Also, while I have your attention on the subject I wonder if you could make yourself just a little less in the way of every single thing I try to package and pack. There is an absolute plethora newspapers to investigate and bubbled wrap to be sat upon all about the house, I’m sure your choice really does not always specifically need to be the piece I am looking to use.

I’m sure with your continued help we may yet make this a relatively painful process.

Lots of love, Crispin

Illustration of Janit hiding in a cardboard box