On the subject of enemies

Dear Janit

You are a Cat. Your enemy is The Mouse (I have enclosed a picture for your reference). To my knowledge there are currently two mice behind the cooker. I would be ever so grateful if you could see your way to killing them before they have a chance to procreate.

Love from


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  • http://www.pawpurrry.blogspot.com Rachel @ PawPurrry


  • http://www.pawpurrry.com Rachel @ PawPurrry

    I came back to this letter because I would like to know if I may borrow Janit to get the mouse that is living behind my oven. My three dogs watch the mouse and then look at me like “aren’t you going to do something about this?” Well this is me doing “something” about the mouse.

    • http://www.sinktherock.org crispin

      Alas Rachel, I am afraid Janit does not travel well. In fact merely the journey from lounge to kitchen can render her incapacitated for some hours…