On the subject of eyeball licking

Dear Janit

Under no circumstances are you ever to lick my eyeball again. I am willing to admit that I may have inadvertently encouraged you by continuing to pet you as you purred in my face but I never expected you to actually lick my eyeball. It sent shivers down my spine as if a hundred people were scratching blackboards and now every time I close my right eye it looks like it is raining.

I hope to goodness there is no permanent damage or there will be hell to pay.

Love from Crispin
My cat, Janit with  her tongue out

  • http://www.pawpurrry.com/ Rachel@PawPurrry

    ┬áLOL….it must be the salty taste that is so appealing….

    I won’t share with you how to neutralize that…besides…it might actually encourage Janit to lick you more: )

  • Rogerwhyte

    It may sound really strange, but my vet told me that cats will like things like your eyeball when they need salt, which can be a sign of diabetes. Luckily my cat hasn’t been eyeing up my eyes yet, but maybe get that checked out?
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