On the subject of playtime (The Rules)

Dear Janit,

I think we should set some ground rules for playtime.

Claws are for toys, prey and scratching posts, not for hands, feet or indeed any part of me. Times of play are to be decided by me and I will signal when this is to commence by fetching a toy, some string or something and wiggling it around in front of you. Just walking past you does not constitute a game and is in no way an invitation to attack my feet. When I signal the start of a game it is important that join in a little sooner rather than later, you are not to leave me hanging for  minutes, stood there wiggling a piece of string like a buffoon before condescending to join in.

I think if we can both agree to these rulesit will make playtime a more enjoyable experience for the both of us.

Love from Crispin

Illustration: Janit, a scruffy black and white cat paws a toy frog