On the subject of sulking (after a visit to the vets)

Dear Janit

It is now seven full hours since we returned from the vets and I think HIGH TIME the sulking ended. You have not said a single word to me from the moment we got over the threshold, which I might add, is more than somewhat of a contrast to the terrible fuss you made all the way there and back shouting blue murder to all and sundry from the cat carrier.

Seven entire hours of staring at the corner or the staircase and hurrumphing, deliberately looking the other way. I know full well that there is absolutely nothing of interest in that corner as I vacuumed it just this morning.

This nonsense better be over by suppertime or I might start some sulking of my own.

All the best in anticipation of your return to our conversations.

Love from Crispin

Cat sulking after a visit to the vet

  • Cadet C P O Rusty

    loved dis! me haz been known to sulk alla way to da nex day affer goin to da v*t! we kitties no likes it der! sulk on,Crispin’s kitty! HUGS!

  • http://www.alifesanctified.com/ Felecia

    Are you sure that Janit didn’t transport a remnant of a poem for the corner? Perhaps a whisper of an Elizabeth Browning that she could contemplate to regain her composure in times of trouble? You did, after all, have the audacity to take her to the vets! For shame, Crispin! :)

  • Kaye Wilkinson

    Sulky cats are funny, Janit especially so. Hope she’s doing ok :O)