On the subject of the vacuum cleaner

Dear Janit,

I’m afraid the vacuum cleaner is very much a necessary tool of modern living, we simply cannot get by without it and I shall hear no more on the subject.

We have lived with carpets for over a decade so you must have witnessed the vacuum cleaner in operation countless times. I think we can agree that on not one of these occasions have we witnessed the end of days… so there is absolutely no need to go steaming about the house as if all of hell has broken loose every time the blessed thing comes out the cupboard.

Let’s not make a fuss, if the machine is that much of an abhorrence for you, why not just remove yourself to an adjacent room?

Love from Crispin

cat and vacuum cleaner

  • kay

    My old cat was an absolute pest when I hoovered, but for completely different reasons. He was not happy until I’d attached the soft brush and hoovered him too. Poor Janit, I hope she eventually gets over her hooveraphobia. :O) x Kay

    • http://crispinread.co.uk/ Crispin Read

      hahah lovesit – If I were to try that with Jan she would move out

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