On the subject of Valentines Day

Dear Janit,

A mutual acquaintance has brought to my attention a website, advertising Valentines Day cards both for and from pets.

Now I’m sure you’ll agree this is absurd. First and foremost, as a cat you lack the necessary motor skills and financial backing to make the purchase yourself, so I can only assume the responsibility would fall on me. Which brings me to my second point; if I bought (and signed) a card from my only pet to myself, it would not take the deductive powers of great detectives to discern who the card was from.

Furthermore, I refuse to have the validity and nature of our relationship marred through enforced consumerism.

That being said, you may notice that your cat biscuits are arranged in a heart shape this morning, as a cursory nod to the occasion. There also appears to be a handmade card addressed to you by your basket in the living room, but I can’t think who would have put it there.

All the best.


Janit Pawing a Valentines Card

  • http://jizogarden.com/ Laura

     ^. .^ ♥ :)

  • Kay

    Beautiful illustration and an eloquent bit of prose, as always!  Love your blogs :O) 

  • http://sarsm.wordpress.com/ Sarah

    Gorgeous picture and funny letter!

  • http://twitter.com/_LisasLife_ Lisa and Stella

    only just found your blog via a friend on Twitter, great stuff! My brother *helps* my dog send me a Valentines card, I always act surprised 😉

  • Catarina Garcia

    I love your illustrations!

  • Hayley Berndtsson

    very clever and witty and enjoyable to read