On drinking water from my glass

Dear Janit

I would like you to explain why you persist in drinking the water from my glass beside my bed. I am certain you are fully aware that you have your own water in a bowl in the kitchen. You may consider this jovial mischief but frankly you look like an idiot with your face half way down a pint glass and I feel it only fair to point out that you use that same tongue to lick places that I would not. This resultant flavour, however delicate, is one that I would rather not have as an addition to my morning glass of water.

Love from Crispin

Janit the cat drinks water from a glass illustration

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  • Melissa

    I love this!!

  • fsr

    Crispin must be communicating telepathically with Bella, my mackeral tabby roommate. She turns her nose up at her water bowl which I change at least once a day, and drinks from the glass on my desk. I gave up trying to keep her off my desk a long time ago. She is much less trouble now that she has staked out her turf on the desk, except when she is sitting directly on the keyboard. But mostly it’s OK, but the second I turn my back or go into deep concentration mode she’s got her nose stuck in my water glass. What to do? She is not a big reader.

  • fsr

    excuse me! I mean Janit (not Crispin) must be the one doing the telepathic communication.

  • Rebekah Wells

    My Kittisha was very keen on the glass of water I kept at my bedside. However, her method of drinking was quite creative. She would delicately dip a paw into my glass and then withdraw the paw lick it dry and start again. I did not discover this at once but several weeks after I had started to leave the glass on my bedside. Afterwards (and following many wretching noises) I placed a cup specifically for her on the nightstand and kept my glass on the bookshelf that was part of the headboard of the bed, which had the advantage of being a space inaccessible to cats. (I agree that such a place rarely exists, but by keeping books on the shelf as well as a glass of water, there was simply no room for a cat to sit or manage to get her paw into the glass.)