On the subject of curtain twitching

Dear Janit

Nobody likes a flibbertigibbet.

Since we have moved to our new flat you seem to be spending a great deal of your time at the front window spying on the neighbours. Now I think we can agree that this is not behaviour becoming of a person or cat of your breeding and social standing. A Polite and proper interest in the lives is encouraged of course but in the proper manner. Asking after the health of an elderly relative or an enquiry as to how young master wossname is doing at university is perfectly acceptable and decent. Clandestine observations from behind the living room curtains as they go about their business is not. No matter if Mrs.So-and-so from across the way’s recycling resembles the ‘drink aware’ advert or if you-know-who was still wearing a housecoat at a quarter to noon. Gossip, my girl, is The Devil’s radio.

And there is plenty else with which to fill your day I am sure.

All my love, Crispin

Janit, a black and white cat peers out through some curtains