On the subject of dead presents

Dear Janit

Please accept my warmest appreciation and heartiest congratulations on the slaying of that mouse.  By my reckoning it is your first confirmed kill in almost twenty months.  I was so very pleased that you refrained from eating it and instead left it for me as a gift. Incidentally,  I hereby accept full liability for leaving my new white (Paul Smith) T-shirt in such a stupid and irresponsible place as on the floor beside my bed. I would  like to request however, that in future (should you repeat the practice) you leave any cadaverous cadeaux, dismembered or otherwise, somewhere other than on my clothes.  And also that, if it is no trouble, could you see your way to placing it in a slightly more prominent position in my room? This way I might have a chance to see it before inadvertently trampling all over it and feeling it squish between between my toes.

I would like to thank you again for the lovely gift and hope that you do not take my comments as detracting from my gratitude.

Love from