On the subject of hiding from guests

Dear Janit,

I think it is a dreadful shame that you run away and hide when I return home drunk as all hell with half the pub in tow. I can assure you that they are all upright and sterling fellows, gentlemen who would no doubt be charmed with your presence given the chance. You might learn a thing or two from our eloquent discourse and witty banter that, if a little loud, is always of a calibre more commonly heard in the lecture halls of Oxbridge ~ or on Radio 4.

I look forward to introducing you at the next occurrence of this impromptu soirée.

love from


Janit hiding

  • http://www.last.fm/music/Frau+Pouch brix

    Don’t give her any of that Dixy chicken until she comes out and performs for you all.

  • http://opcatchat.blogspot.com caren gittleman

    adorable! Did you do the illustrations as well? Love the concept!

  • http://www.sinktherock.org crispin

    Thanks Caren – my sister Erica does the Illustrations > http://www.ericaread.com