On the subject of claws – a reference

Dear Janit

Please find enclosed two pictures for your attention:

Picture A is a mouse (Mus musculus)

Picture B is a human big toe (mine)

I am providing these as a resource for you to keep. Please feel free to refer to the pictures at any time, in particular the sort of time you feel like putting your claws into something.

For clarity I have labelled the images thus:

A – Acceptable
B – Unacceptable

I hope this helps

Love from

  • http://www.ladyfawn.blogspot.com Alexandra

    These are hysterical! Keep it up.

  • rachel

    hahahaha! brilliant, i love it x

  • Kompani

    Slippers ordered on Amazon after reading this blog!

    • http://crispinread.co.uk/ Crispin Read

      hee hee I should’ve put an affiliate link on here